Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We are delighted to share some critical updates that enhance the accuracy and reliability of our company and contact data. These improvements are designed to empower your sales and marketing efforts with more precise and dependable information.
Data Quality Enhancements
  • Improved Parent Company Data:
    We've resolved issues where group parent companies previously displayed lower revenue and headcount values than their subsidiaries. This correction ensures our data is more accurate and trustworthy.
  • Major Impact on Headcount Data:
    We have made significant improvements to headcount data, especially in Germany and Austria, impacting up to 50% of companies. These enhancements ensure higher quality and accuracy.
  • Enhanced Revenue Accuracy:
    We have improved the accuracy and coverage of revenue data by adding more public data sources, resolving bugs, and enhancing our matching algorithms. This update impacts approximately 20 million companies, providing you with more accurate and reliable insights.
  • Enhanced Contact Accuracy:
    We have improved the accuracy and freshness of contact data by refining our processes and resolving key issues. This update impacts approximately 2 million contacts, ensuring you have the most current and reliable information for your prospecting needs.
Data Coverage Expansions
  • UK and Denmark:
    We've increased the number of companies in the UK and Denmark by 311,000 and 263,000 respectively providing more opportunities for targeted prospecting.
  • Sweden:
    In Sweden, we've added 76,000 more companies, along with 49,000 more companies with VAT IDs and 77,000 more companies with Registration IDs. This expansion significantly broadens our data coverage, and we are continuously working to provide even more detailed insights.
Benefits for You:
  • Company Surfacing:
    More companies now meet search criteria, making it easier to prospect for companies.
  • Enhanced Reliability:
    The corrected data for large volumes of companies provides more accurate information for your prospecting needs.
With this release, we've achieved significant data quality improvements in key regions, including
We hope these updates enhance your experience and improve your prospecting efficiency. Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.